Seven Smart Gift Ideas for the Poker Lover in your Life

If someone in your life has a love for poker there are several unique gifts that you can get him or her. Giving them a gift that may help them become a better player or become more knowledgeable about different games may be the perfect idea. Giving your loved one the gift of knowledge will help them perfect their gambling technique while learning all they can about the game.

The first gift idea for someone who loves poker is a book about his or her favorite game. There is a wealth of publications that cover any game played in a casino. These books cover everything from the basic rues governing the game to more advance tournament strategies. The most popular poker book is Poker for Dummies. While this book is great for beginners it also has tips that can be useful for intermediate players as well. A book is a great gift for all players, ranging from the novice to the expert player.

Another great gift idea is poker software. Software can be both educational and recreational. There is tutorial software available for basically all of the most common poker games. The most popular poker software is for Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, video poker, slot machines, and let it ride. Giving the gift of allowing poker lovers to play in the comfort of their own home is a great idea. It allows them a chance to practice without any real financial repercussions.

There are a variety of DVDs and videos that can make great gifts for poker player. These videos can be educational and fun to watch. The videos will demonstrate the basic mechanics of the game as well as some of the most popular strategies. You can find videos for almost any casino game at all levels of difficulty. One of the most popular poker videos is Phil Hellmuth’s Million Dollar Poker System.

Another creative gift for the poker lover in your life is a magazine subscription. There are several magazines dedicated to gaming in general or poker specifically. Subscribing to a magazine for your poker lover is a gift that they will be able to enjoy all year round.

If the poker player in your life enjoys visiting casinos you may want to give them the American Casino Guide. This guide is a good source of information on over 700 casinos in 36 different states.

You may want to give the poker lover in your life a movie that centers on poker. The ten most popular poker movies are California Split, The Sting, The Cincinnati King, Kaleidoscope, Born Yesterday, A Big Hand for the Little Lady, Three Godfathers, dr. Mabuse- The Gambler, Run, The Gunfighter and Rounders.

You may want to give a poker lover some of the essential supplies they need to play poker if they do not have them already. For example you can get them a poker table. These can range from an inexpensive portable tabletop to a table dedicated to poker.

Another good gift is poker chips with a carrying case. Make sure that the chips are heavy, weighing nine grams or more. You can also get them a nice wooden box to keep their deck of cards safe. Another ideal gift for a poker player is an automatic card shuffler.

Poker apparel, including visors and sunglasses may make great gifts for the poker player in your life. Shirts depicting famous poker scenes from popular movies are also clever gift ideas.

Collectibles and decorative items for you poker lovers poker room can also make great gift ideas. Unique trinkets and clever poker paraphernalia make cute gifts as well.


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